What Series Do You Wish They Would Make A Game Of? (Opinion)

(Book, Comic, TV Show?)

Well folks its been awhile since we checked in with the team to get their opinions on the most burning, red hot questions! People are running in the streets, banging on the doors and screaming into the abyss to hear some casual opinions on general gaming topics and by golly are we here to deliver them to you! :)

This week we ask the question:

What series that hasn't been adapted yet do you wish they would make a game of?

Check out what our team has to say below and please do comment below what YOU think is a series that deserves game-ifying!

Phil Keogh:

This is a tricky one, especially nowadays since everything has an adaptation. Though if i did want to see something make a leap from another medium into the form of gaming, I think I would absolutely love to see an interactive narrative game made out of the wonderful MAUS by Art Spiegelman.

If you're unfamiliar, MAUS attempts to break down the taboo of speaking of the everyday life of a Jew in Poland during the world recorded period in human history and does so wonderfully. The writer, Spiegelman, does so through the device of recalling the real life story of his surviving father through the lens of each class and nationality having its own animal associated./ This really does help soften the initial blow of the subject matter while still carrying all of its Gravitas. Much like Orwell's Animal Farm.

I could see this being undertaken by almost any indie developer really, but most bizarrely, I think my first choice for this would be Ubisoft of all people. After playing through the wonderful WW1 tale that was Valiant Hearts of PS4, I was blown away. The art style, the tone, the message. It all came together beautifully, which gives me confidence that if we got the same team on it would turn out something beautiful!

Rachael Murray:

There are so many books that I think could do well if given the Witcher treatment (especially epic fantasy series like The Wheel of Time), but only one series jumps out to me as an almost ready-made RPG game that those outside of CD Projekt RED can manage. And oddly enough it's a series that I haven’t read in some time or been keeping up with the latest volumes. Skulduggery Pleasant, a series of books by Irish author Derek Landy.

I remember reading the first installments of these books years ago and thinking that each chapter reads almost like a side quest or level. The dialogue is quick-witted and as funny as something Terry Pratchett himself would write. The flashy descriptions of magic and heavy reliance on visuals and snappiness (but lacking the underlying depth of emotion the likes of Pratchett could also work into his humour) instantly reminded me of the tone of several games in the 12+ age range. I think Skulduggery Pleasant, if given a humorous RPG slant instead of the serious Witcher treatment, could be a unique gem of a game!

Shane Bowe:

While there have been games made out of this franchise before it has never gotten the treatment or genre that I think would make for a fantastic game. My pick despite the reception to the last few seasons of the show is Game of Thrones. Here is a world with a deep history and rich lore with well established political and social systems. It has everything a video game could need including magic and monsters.

I could only imagine the hours I would lose in a sprawling Witcher style RPG. Have the protagonist be an unknown character not featured in the books/show. Exploring Westeros and the lands beyond fighting and forming alliances with some of the well known houses like Stark or Lanister. The way the world is laid out even lends itself to a RPG class style system.

Will you play as a warlock from Qarth and harness magic or a hard winter faring person of the north with a mighty greatsword. With the fact that Game of Thrones disappeared from zeitgeist almost over night I don't think I will ever get my wish but hopefully someday a developer will decide to dive deep into this rich world.

Darragh Duggan O’Driscoll:

There are plenty of series’ out there that really deserve the video game treatment, but my pick, that I would absolutely love to see, would be the Cartoon Network miniseries Over The Garden Wall.

The world is one I’d love to see more of, populated by weird and eccentric characters, and the potential for various quests and side quests is huge. The plot is quite simple but the journey of the two main characters goes through so many different parts of the world that anyone creating a game would have plenty of artistic freedom. There are so many ways you could do it really and I’d love to see any route taken to be honest.

Aaron Thompson:

Ok, I’m going to go with a very strange one here - mostly due to my tendency to be a fan of things that have been adapted into games anyway - but also because I genuinely think that there could be some potential here. For anyone unfamiliar, `I would strongly urge you to read the short story; “The Egg”.

Assuming you have paused reading here to have a quick glance at the story (please do it’s less than a page short and you won’t regret it) the story revolves around a growing gods realisation that this universe is essentially a “school” in which the god lives and dies as every living being to ever exist and once it has experienced every single life it understands enough to become a God in it’s own right.

This, I feel would be the prime candidate for a weird wonderful little indie game in which you play an individual for a short time, go through all the key points in their life up until their death - whether old age, car accident, medical emergency, all until you return back to the afterlife to breathe and reflect on the events that have just transpired, more whole, completed and learned until it’s time for your reincarnation again, for the cycle to continue.

Well there you have it folks! A range of properties that I'm sure would have been hard to predict! Each sounds like an awesome experience and I know I now have a few properties I need to catch up on!

But again, what do YOU want to see turned into a game series? Have you an answer that's too hot to hold to yourself? Then my friend, please comment the hell out of that hot take down below or on our many socials.

Cant wait to hear it!

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