What Game Have You Put The Most Time Into? (Opinion)

And it just keeps runnin, runnin & runnin, runnin & runnin, runnin...

Ok, weve all got that one game, that for whatever reason, we just cant put down.

Wether this be an online MMO, mobile puzzle game, retro classic or whatever, something has grabbed us all!

So we asked the team What Game Have You Put The Most Time Into? for purely scientific purposes.

Lets see what they had to say:

Rachael Murray:

I am far from a ‘completionist’ when it comes to side quests and trophies and the like. I usually finish all of the main storyline and maybe 80% of the quests available (if they look fun, less if the quests offer little in the way of story/character development). I also play almost exclusively by myself, rarely online. This would usually mean that I probably don’t clock up too many hours on one game, but as JRPGs are my favourite genre I consistently spend roughly 60+ hours per game doing this alone.

Xenoblade Chronicles II, with its multitude of character development heavy quests, is probably the overall winner for me here. Despite the gacha mechanics of the quests, most of the cutscenes were charming enough and the rewards just interesting enough that I just kept toughing it out through them. I have roughly 130 hours sunk into it, and some of those side quests are still haunting me.

Shane Bowe:

It has to be Minecraft. Since its initial release 10 odd years ago I have played it on every platform it's sold. However, to be even more specific I would say Minecraft on the PC. Why PC? It’s simple really.

That version of the game has the ability to be modded and when you play it as much as me you want to shake things up a bit.

Mods aside Minecraft must have something special.

I wouldn’t keep coming back for more if the base game was bad right? The answer is the boundless creative freedom to do what I want the way I want to. I can follow the path set out by the game, yes, but I can do it on my terms. If I want to follow the path I can try to build a 200ft dragon. Minecraft is a game that is only constrained by your imagination (mostly).

Honourable mentions: SSX Tricky, No Man’s Sky, COD Modern Warfare 2 online, Dragon Age Inquisition.

Darragh Duggan O’Driscoll:

I’m not one for putting insane hours into a game at all, I really don’t have the attention span to be going around doing every little thing a game requires. I’ll happily fly through the main story and be done with it.

That being said, back when I was in TY I had way too much time on my hands and not many things to fill that time.

Now, if any of you remember trading in Pokémon Black and White 2, there was no way of searching for any Pokémon you wanted through trade, unlike later in X and Y. Because of this, I logged about 500 hours on White 2 using wonder trade (where you just get sent a random Pokémon) to finish the entire living dex, finishing with the over 600 Pokémon that existed at the time. God knows what possessed me at the time, I wouldn’t have the patience nowadays.

Aaron Thompson:

I’m starting to believe the CGC gods are doing all they can to get me to always talk about the Monster Hunter franchise as I have yet to personally contribute to CGC content without the topic coming up but here we go. Monster Hunter Tri on the Wii is a game I have played for a total amount of hours that most would describe as “embarrassing”.

Monster Hunter Tri was the first game I ever remember genuinely looking forward to - buying copies of Nintendo magazine and refreshing the capcom youtube page. Little 12 Year old Aaron spent all his communion money on a new Wii-mote and pro controller. I would even bring my wii to relatives house on the odd occasion I would have to stay if my parents were off just so I could fill my eyes with more blood rushingly fun hunts.

Something about the beautiful landscapes, the beautifully believable world and weapons and aesthetics and the incredibly rewarding gameplay loops seems like it was specifically designed in a lab to release as much serotonin into my brain as possible, all culminating together to result in (at last check) over 2,000 hours (approx. 83 days) worth of gameplay over the course of 5 years of Monster Hunting.

Phil Keogh:

I think the Witcher 3? It's hard for me to tell as I've played it on multiple platforms, sometimes more than once.

It's just something that i can consume again and again and again. Each time finding something new to marvel at.

Plus I think Geralt has become my fondest overall character in video games. To the point I find it hard to play the earlier games as that's not “My” Geralt.

All in all I’d say I have easily put well over 500 hours into the Witcher 3 and I have yet to finish its last DLC so iv some time yet to go. If CD Projekt ever do release the next gen update you better believe I’ll be there day one, strapping my silver and steel on to relive it all over again.

Honorable mentions: Zelda BOTW, Tekken Tag 2, Final Fantasy 7, Red Dead series.

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