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Updated: Feb 19

Big, swinging….melee weapons

The internet is a weird and wonderful place at times. It can be an especially wonderful place where video-games are concerned. Allowing gamers to experience games of all shapes and sizes and it was through this screen magic I came across Swordcery. A hack and slash game by any measure, Swordcery is an upcoming rogue-lite, melee-based action RPG coming to you from the team at Temple Door Games.

We’re going to need a bigger sword…

Starting out as little more than a dream of wielding a giant pizza cutter as a weapon. The developers that founded Temple Door Games, Mike Henriet and Don Thurakichprempri, after spending years on the AAA side of the industry decided to strike out on their own. Coming off the back of the smash hit God of War they wanted to pursue this dream of theirs and I got the chance to interview Don & Mike to talk about their upcoming game and even give you dear readers some brand new gameplay footage, right here!

"The giant pizza cutter is definitely in-game! We could never leave out our first boy!"

What has been the most...fun or surprising element during your process? Anything that comes to mind?

"The most fun or surprising moments for us usually involve coming up with new swords. Each sword in our game will fall into a specific sword class (ie: Great Sword, Rapier, Short Sword, Long Sword etc.). Every sword class will have it’s unique attacks and mechanics, but on top of that each weapon has a Swordcery power that’s completely unique. So this is where the fun part comes in!

The Swordcery powers usually just start out with a zany idea or some stupid pun one of us decides to inflict upon the world. For example, the pizza cutter sword (or as we like to call it: Father Johannes’ Za Slayer) was actually the first weapon we came up with. It’s based on a dream one of us had about a pizza knight who shot out cutter projectiles from his gigantic blade. We keep a running list of every ridiculous, cool, or downright weird idea we can think of. And let me tell you, this list is pretty badass, but somehow also devastatingly groan inducing at the same time!"

Going independent must've been quite the leap for you guys and now with COVID affecting people's ability to communicate, can you talk on how recent events may have affected your approach to development?

"The decision to go independent was definitely a huge leap for us! We knew it was a big risk going into it, but we both felt it was the right move for us. It's been great working at big AAA studios, but we wanted to give indie dev a shot to see what it would be like to work on a smaller project where we had complete creative control.

Before the pandemic, we worked together four days of the week and worked from separate locations for the remaining days. Now that we’re self-quarantining, we work separately everyday and use Discord to discuss plans and solve any problems that arise. That being said, it would certainly be nice to see each other (and the sun) more!"

Let's talk more game though! I hear you have some snazzy updates in the works, anything you'd like to share here? :)

"So currently, we’ve been going HAM on the demo for Swordcery. We’ve got a huge to-do list that includes stuff like: finish UI, make more swords, polish combat, fix item dropping bugs, etc! It’s pretty daunting, but we just take it one task at a time. We hope to get this demo in tip-top shape and have our Discord members try it out soon. No date on it quite yet, but if you want to be in the know we definitely recommend you guys pop into our channel or join our mailing list. With any luck, we’ll have you guys swingin’ some blades in a few months!"

Snazzy right?

Animation is what we both love to do, so we want to make sure that’s what really stands out when you see our game!

I'd be remiss not to mention your FB update videos, was the animation and art style always the intention or has it naturally evolved from initial inception?

"As far as the art style goes, it’s been set from the start. We’re both animators so we knew we had to be smart about the style of the game, which is precisely why we went with a low-poly look. It was clear to us that we needed to aim for a style that wouldn’t slow us down and allow us to play to our strengths while still looking appealing.

For the animation, we both strive to produce the highest quality animations possible. There’s a sense of personality we always try to imbue our enemies with and every attack is planned out with lots of care. Animation is what we both love to do, so we want to make sure that’s what really stands out when you see our game!"

As the game will be using a mix of procedurally generated dungeons along with hand crafted room, what can players expect from the rooms themselves? Besides mashing enemies to bits of course! (speaking more towards the rogue lite/like elements here, puzzles and such)

"Players can definitely expect plenty of challenging combat! Lots of dodge rolling at the right times, reading whether an enemy is going for an unblockable attack, or perhaps chasing down enemies that might be retreating to heal/buff their friends. We’ll also throw traps at ya and maybe even a puzzle every now and then. Outside of combat, you’ll also be able to discover helpful NPCs, treasure rooms, shrines that will give you various buffs, checkpoint rooms where you’ll be able to expand your arsenal, and a few more things we have up our sleeves!"

Now in terms of platforms, is it too early to say where we'll see Swordcery pop-up?

"We know for sure Swordcery will be on PC, but other platforms are still up in the air. We’re aiming to get it on as many platforms as possible with the Switch being the first priority after PC. At the moment, the release date is still to be determined, but we’re working hard to make the game great."

Is the giant pizza cutter in the game?

"The giant pizza cutter is definitely in-game! We could never leave out our first boy!"

So, there it is folks, are you excited? The game is shaping up quite nicely and you can be damn sure us Casuals will be keeping our beady eyes on this one and you'll be the first to know! Want to keep up to date with all things Swordcery? Get notified the moment the demo drops perhaps? Don & Mike have got you covered, be sure to check out and subscribe to your hearts content below!

Site: http://swordcerygame.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Swordcery/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/swordcery/

Discord: discord.gg/YNMYDr7

Newsletter: http://swordcerygame.com/#subscribe

All images and footage shown, provided courtesy of the team at Temple Door Games

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