Slappin around Pierce Brosnan: Casual Game Cast (Podcast)

Game Downloads Increase In 2020, GTA V Sells 140 Million, GoldenEye Remaster Leak, Terraria ditches Stadia, CPDR Hacked And Much More!

One quarter of the way to 100 folks!!

On this weeks episode we unpack our top five news stories of this week, including:

  • Downloads Of Games Increased By 47% Across Europe In 2020

  • GTA 5 Has Sold More Than 140 Million Copies

  • Scrapped GoldenEye 007 game 'remaster' leaks online

  • Terraria Stadia Port Canceled After Google Locks Out Developer

  • Cyberpunk 2077 Dev CD Projekt Red Hacked, Perpetrator Demands Ransom

And much much more!

That then followed up by what we have been playing this week such as The Medium, Hollow Knight, Final Fantasy XIV, Persona 4 and a the lads discuss the Netflix adaptation of Snow Piercer.

All this wrapped up by our community question of the week which comes from Stephen Kiely in the Casual Game Community Facebook community who asks, "If you could remake one game from the N64 for current gen console, what would it be?"

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