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Updated: Feb 19

Where women gamers connect

the*gameHERS is a community for women, non-binary and marginalised genders, who have been in operation since March 2020. Their mission statement is a simple one, yet powerful and necessary - This is a safe space, where women, non-binary and femme-identifying gamers can be heard, supported and empowered. If you’re in any way involved in gaming, be it as a gamer, working in the industry or are simple there to support this message of inclusivity and safety, the*gameHERS is a community for you.

I first came across this community while on the Casual Game Critic’s Twitter account, and saw them as a suggested account to connect with. I was hooked in with the colourful and striking logo, and decided to take a look at the account and website, to see what this is about. It became very clear, very quickly, that this organisation has a great following already despite being in it’s relative youth, based on the amount of user-submitted content and collection of material already assembled.

It was at this point I thought that it would be worthwhile to learn more, so I reached out to them as a shot in the dark, and I was absolutely delighted to see how helpful the team at the*gameHERS are! I decided to ask a couple of questions about them, where they are at right, and what the future holds for this progressive community.

the*gameHERS is a community that honours women, femme-identifying and non-binary gamers. Where did this idea come from originally?

“We were designing toys for Al Kahn (the visionary of Pokemon, etc.) in the gaming space and were at a conference at Goldman Sachs on gaming and noticed a huge need for women having a bigger voice in this space. Change can only happen from within. Here’s a video that explains how/why we got started a bit more.

After starting up, what kind of challenges did you face in establishing this community?

We just launched in March so the biggest challenge is how we’re going to spread the word about the*gameHERs now that all the gaming conferences/con’s have been cancelled as we were planning on attending all of those.”

the*gameHERS produces quite a wide variety of content, between podcasts, interviews, blog posts, and even merchandise. Are there challenges in maintaining a stream of content like this?

“Yes! And the key to this is hiring an awesome content editor – which we did. Her name is Alexis and she rocks!”

I really enjoyed looking through the fan art! There are some great pieces in there. Do you receive much in the way of user submitted content, and requests to help out and work with the*gameHERS?

“Thanks! We tend to get more submission for blogs than fan art. Perhaps because people are bit nervous to showcase their art which is such a shame because it’s so amazing. BTW – the idea for fan art page came from our podcast interview with Rob Wiethoff (John Marston) in RDR.

With the world the way it is at the moment, people have a lot more time on their hands and are gaming more, which is a great thing! Are there any recommendations for gaming, or gaming related content you have for viewers?

“Not specifically other than to say it’s a good time to be gamer! Our community did tell us they enjoyed the live instagram we did a few weeks ago with the cast from RDR/RDR2. We ended up having over 700 gamers from around the world on! Super fun!”

Laura, Rebecca, Verta and you Heather are the founders of this community. Did you know each other before this got started, were you friends prior or was this more of a professional coming together?

“We actually built and sold a prior community focused community all together in the past called Mommybites for moms. We ended up selling that to a NYC based media company in 2016."

In 10 years time, what does the*gameHERS look like?

“I hope it's a place that truly achieves our mission statement:

With the community coming as far as it has, what would be the achievement you are most proud of with the*gameHERS?

“I think it’s that we’ve been told by our community that they finally feel heard and feel like they have a voice.”

This is a wonderful community with a meaningful objective. I would encourage anyone, gamer or non-gamer to check out their site. There is a wide variety of content there ready to be enjoyed, from fan art submissions, blog posts, podcasts and yes there is merchandise too!

Stay Casual.


All images and links provided by and used with the explicit permission of the*gameHERS team

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