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Updated: Feb 19

Surviving and thriving

MythByte is a game development studio, based out of Eching, Germany. This small team is composed of Samuel MvK (CEO, Developer. 3D Artist), Luciano Willems (Partner, Developer) and Sarah Johnson-Bliss (AI Specialist, Sound Engineer, Developer). At the moment the team is working on an ambitious project called Meiro. This is a multiplayer game, seeking to infuse elements of survival, role-playing games, and sci-fi. Set in the near future, the player finds themselves in a safe zone, plentiful with resources for crafting necessary for survival. Encased inside this area with massive walls, it begs the question - What is beyond? Throughout your exploration you find clues, indicating what has happened to society and what lies on the other side of the walls holding you. This is a world where science has progressed rapidly, but something happened along the way. A disaster occured, resulting in the world you now inhabit.

I recently had the opportunity to chat with Samuel, CEO, Developer, and 3D Artist at MythByte, about the studio, Meiro, and what the future holds for them!

Meiro is described as a retro multiplayer sci-fi RPG survival game, sounds like quite a range of different genres in the mix for this project! Where did the idea for Meiro originate from?

“We really wanted to make a multiplayer game because we all enjoy playing games together way more than to play games alone. The reason for a survival game was that we played a lot of “The forest”, “ECO”, “ARK” and a lot more. The thing we missed from all of these survival games was a unique environment, like a gigantic always changing deadly maze! To make it more interesting we decided to let our game take place in the distant future and added some RPG elements for good measurement and a story.”

What other games and game series acted as a source of inspiration for project Meiro?

“People may compare certain elements of Meiro with elements of other games or say something like, “Oh I have seen this before”. Of course, we didn’t invent the concept of survival games from scratch. However, we didn't look at any particular game for inspiration.”

Meiro's story seems to be multifaceted - The aftermath of a terrible event, the use of alien technology and survival in a maze environment - Where was the inspiration from the story drawn?

“The story is a result of a long trial and error history. We tried a lot of different approaches to create a world for our maze. We shared our ideas with people, talked with them and improved the story every day. We are very proud to say that the story of Meiro is community-made.”

Crafting looks to be a major game mechanic. Are there lessons learned from other games as to what to do, and what not to do, when creating a crafting system?

“We have made a lot of mistakes with our crafting system along the way. We over complicated it and needed to re-invent it from scratch again. Our current craft system is fairly simple, harvest and farm resources, level up for better crafting recipes and craft yourself a good amount of different equipment and tools. All of this is again, a community effort.”

How did MythByte get started? Were you friends or colleagues before the studio's formation?

“We (the two founders) were friends from school and in the last year we sat down and started talking about making a video game. However, most members of the team are friends and freelancers joining along the way.”

What does the future hold for MythByte - Are there future projects in the pipeline that are going to be developed?

“We’re bursting for ideas for future projects, but we focus on the development of Meiro right now. Meiro is a project based on profit-sharing, a concept we won’t use for future projects.”

Is there an ETA for the full release of Meiro at the moment, or is it more of a case of "we'll see how it goes"?

“To avoid making false promises, we don’t set an exact release date. This is a mistake to be seen in a lot of other projects. We want to make sure the quality fits the community’s expectations before the release. Therefore, we are trying to aim for somewhere at the end of 2020.”

When it comes to working as part of a small team on a project such as this, what are the biggest challenges? Is it difficult to stay motivated?

“Of course, it’s hard to stay motivated over a long time without getting paid, working full-time on a project without a guarantee to succeed. It’s important to show endurance and not to abandon the project. Lately we get a lot of feedback. This really helps as it shows people out there are excited to see the final product.”

After playing Meiro myself I can see where the various different stylistic influences are coming together, and cannot wait to see the finished game once it releases. It’s wonderful to see a small team like this not compromise on their ambitions, and truly strive to create something great. I’ll be following along the development of the project closely, and I for one can’t wait to see what the future holds for MythByte!

Interested in trying out Meiro for yourself? Hit the link here to find out how to get beta access!


All images were provided by MythByte, with the explicit permission to use them for the purpose of this article only

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