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Updated: Feb 19

Wheeling and dealing

Once again Sony has put together a wonderful sale, in the form of the Hidden Gems sale that is on at the moment, running until May 20th at 11:59 PM. There are a few titles here that have no doubt flown under the radar over the past few years, a few that I have had the pleasure of playing.

Here are a few select titles that I would recommend, for anyone who has a few euro to spare.


Platform: PS4

Genre: Third-person shooter, action adventure

Developer: Remedy Entertainment

Publisher: 505 Games

Control is a third-person action game, drawing heavy inspiration from the likes of The X-Files and Twin Peaks. The story revolves around an arm of the federal government, which investigates the paranormal. While I haven’t completed the game, it’s absolutely worth diving in - Intriguing and keeps you guessing what is going to come next.

Price: 29.99

Child of Light

Platform: PS4, PS Vita

Genre: Platformer, role-playing

Developer: Ubisoft Montreal

Publisher: Ubisoft

A wonderfully charming platforming RPG. Visually stunning, the game is a side scrolling platformer. Once you get into battle, prepare for turn-based RPG action. I only played through this once years ago after it’s release and intend to do so again in the coming months. It has a strong fairytale vibe, think Disney with some darker twists and turns. Were it not currently on sale, it would still be absolutely worth it.

Price: 6.74

The Banner Saga Trilogy

Platform: PS4

Genre: Tactical role-playing

Developer: Stoic Studio

Publisher: Versus Evil

I played through this trilogy recently and cannot wait to do so again. The combat is engaging, tactical, and turn-based. This is some of the better writing and long-term storytelling I have ever seen in a video game - Choices you make have tangible results. This game makes you feel like a leader, along with all the responsibilities of one, and puts you in charge of the welfare of your caravans on an arduous adventure.

Still unsure? Check out my reviews for The Banner Saga and The Banner Saga 2!

Price: 19.99

Image one taken from the Control press kit here

Image two taken from the Child of Light press kit here

Image three taken from The Banner Saga press kit here


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