Power‌ ‌A:‌ ‌Wireless‌ ‌GameCube‌ ‌Controller‌

A blast from Smash past

Platform: Switch

Price: £40 at time of writing

I was never a Smash Bros player. Sure I admired it from afar, I mean who wouldn’t? A game where Mario and his Nintendo pals kick the snot our of each other? What’s not to love? Once or twice I got to play a few rounds. A few games of Brawl in a mother’s friends house as a kid, or a bash or two off of Melee on my sister’s Wii, but never got to play long enough to get those hooks dug in.

That all changed the day I finally bought Smash Bros Ultimate for the Switch. Unfortunately I’m not very good. I mean I’m actually really bad at it though I love every second. To rule out hardware limitations I routed out my GameCube Controller adapter and ordered some cheap GameCube controllers from Amazon.

These made a noticeable improvement. Not enough to make me good mind you, but enough to truly realise how even in 2019 this game series is built from the ground up with this control scheme in mind. The lovely textured left thumb stick with its notched gates, it’s satisfying analogue triggers and it’s four face buttons who’s shape and position suite their individual purposes perfectly.

However, the experience wasn’t perfect.

I mean naturally there’s no switch home button or minus button so menu navigation was a laborious two controller affair, not to mention playing on a modern console with a cabled controller just feels wrong in this wireless age.

It’s so damn close to perfection!

Enter the Wireless GameCube controller from Power A. A controller designed specifically for the market that Nintendo have amazingly still not catered for. The fully functioning GameCube Controller for the Switch generation and wow how close to perfection it gets!

Power A have hurtled this timeless controller that only falls behind the SNES in terms of controller longevity straight into 2020. They did this by providing you the controller shape, weight and feel you remember from the early 2000’s, while making key additions to allow for full Switch support.

Additions such as a second Z button to allow for ZL, ZR functions. Motion controls to allow for smooth aiming in Splatoon or Breathe of the wild, player indicator lights, and full Nintendo switch function buttons. All this married with the main selling point, wireless connectivity. These features and the overall satisfying feeling of the timeless design makes for a controller that rivals Nintendo’s own pro controller. Connectivity is a breeze too, this being due to Nintendo officially licensing the product. (Which leads me to believe Nintendo have no intent to release their own unfortunately)

However, it’s because of all these positives that the 2 negatives hit so very hard. NFC support I’m afraid is absent, this meaning no amiibo support. For me this isn’t an issue but for those of you who may have amassed a sizable collection this may matter more to you. This pails in comparison to it’s main drawback, it’s lack of a rechargeable battery. Yes that’s right this controller, which was redesigned for the modern day, requires AA battery’s to operate. Making its relationship to the Wavebird a little too close to home. For your two AA batteries you do get upwards of thirty hours of game-play, however in this day and age it just comes off as short sighted and more of an annoyance than anything. All that being said I’m still on-board, as weird as it feels to be buying batteries again at the grocery checkout. The moment Power A reveal a rechargeable variant I’ll be there with bells on!

So is it worth buying?

All in all I feel comfortable recommending this controller for everyday switch gaming. Smash Bros is ultimately (see what I did there) improved with the classic control scheme. And it’s become my main controller of choice when it comes to RPG's like Dragon Quest and Finnal Fantasy.

Not to mention playing the latest Animal Crossing with this controller just like you would have on the original release just feels right.

The detraction's will depend on your own personal tastes, and the addition of a rechargeable battery plus an optional cable would be the icing on an already delicious cake, buy I say if your hungry my friends then eat . 😊

Pick up this gear if you:

  • Loved the GameCube

  • Love Smash Bros

  • Love RPG's on the Switch

  • Have a but load of AA's you have no idea what to do with..

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All imagery taken from the Power A homepage here

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