Every Journey Starts With a Single Step...

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

Hey there, and welcome to Casual Game Critic,

Today we embark together on a journey, armed with just a free afternoon and our love of video games.

When setting this site up, it was not with the intent to gain any money or fame, in fact quite the opposite.

As a former art student with a desk job who hasn't felt the compulsion to pick up a sketch pad in years, I have felt a longing to do something creative with my free time.

Marry this with the fact I have amassed a sizable gaming backlog over the years that is just crying out to be played, a video game blog seemed like the natural first step.

I've always had a fondness for writing (though I could certainly read more) and if I can better myself creatively whilst also having an excuse to play some games, all the better.

I'm aiming to provide a site where like minded gamer's of every description who might enjoy to occasionally walk a mile on our D-Pad can come and read an average gamer's opinion on a game, with commenting and dialogue welcomed. Maybe you can change our mind. :)

You may be a video game addict, clambering to buy the latest hot releases and find it hard to revisit games gone by.

You may be a vintage gamer who jumps at the opportunity to reach back to a nostalgia laden title one more time.

Or perhaps your'e new to gaming and you'd like to see whats worth playing and what to avoid like the Blight Town plague!

Regardless of your background or taste, Casual Game Critic has a place for you.

I hope to develop this into a robust community forum brought together by the love of all things digital!

One love,



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