Did They Ever Hold Up? – My History with Tie-Ins (Feature)

Updated: Feb 16

Hey Guys,

I’m new here…sort of…relative to the other guy anyway…Look you know what I mean, Hi and all that!

My name is James and I’m adding a few wrinkles to the CGC here that I hope you’ll enjoy from time to time. To get right into it, I love my licensed trash – I mean games, like really love them. In the early years I would scour the trades and early internets for any info on licensed movie video games from my favorite franchises. I could never get enough, from Terminator: Redemption to Enter the Matrix I played these games obsessively and would defend them to the death from anyone who would talk to me about them, I’m the demographic that’s part of the problem and I’m not sorry!

All this to say to you that it is time other people shared in my guilty pleasures but with a twist. As often as I can, I will dedicate an evening or two to reliving these gems (nightmares) with a simple question, do they hold up? For each title, I’ll have a brief bit on what my nostalgia remembers followed by a snippet of the inevitable disappointment I feel when it really doesn’t hold up to scrutiny. The list will really only be down to what I’ve played but should the interest show, I’d be happy to try out any and all suggestions.

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