CGCommunity Transmission: Who's Winning The 2020 Console Hype War?

Who do our community think is the front runner this generation in the traditional Microsoft vs Sony showdown?

Every month we ask our Facebook community a question to take the temperature on opinions or to just learn a little more about each other. This months the question was relating to the dance as old as time we are, at the time of writing, watching Microsoft and Sony perform once again ahead of their respective new console launches.

We asked:

"So, who's got the better console so far? Sony's PS5 or Microsoft's XBOX ONE Series X?

Neither are released yet but who's winning the propaganda race?"

And you, the community, answered:

Alan Orr:

Dunno about the propaganda war, but while I do agree that PS5 has the better Exclusives, I've hated the PlayStation UI going back to the PS3.

Based on that (and I do prefer the big black box case), I'll be looking at the Series X

Ristéard Ó Mactíre:

I think I'll stick to my PC, although Demon Souls looks very good, and tempting me to buy a PS5 (yes I would basically buy one just for a single game)

Paul Mason (CGC):

Might be a bit of a cop out to say, but neither. If we're talking in terms of the grander, traditional console war. They're offering different things now and it's a great thing for everyone. But neither have had an exactly amazing showing so far and the clock is ticking.

Personally, I'll be going PS5 to start with because of the exclusives I can expect but will likely quickly end up picking up one of the new Xboxes when I can afford it.

Ultimately I'd expect to see PS5 coming out with more sales but that also doesn't mean a "loss" for Microsoft either. Ecosystem (sick s*** of hearing the word but alas) is their thing now. The game has changed really.

Edit: I have softened my feelings on Microsoft's approach but still think their messaging is a confusing mess, for the most part.

Dónal Caoimhín Ó Carrúil:

I think PS5 is more promising out of the gate, but the series X is arguably the better product from what we've seen so far.

Tomás Ghiobúin:

PS5 because of the exclusives it has, it's still sticking to be a traditional console and the ability to use PSVR out the gate with it.

Colin Hiqué:

Sony boy here. I'm a lonely soul that plays offline so for me Sony is where it's at. Just with the Exclusives they have in their wheelhouse. I've always got a Nintendo console as my secondary one, but this time I may go for Series X if we can get them through work, not for a year or so at least.

Still interested to see what Microsoft release with those studios they acquired.

David Faulkner:

Getting PS5 at launch but there is nothing on either machine that I am really excited about. Have to have it day one though. Just cos 🥴

Mob Rorgan:

I was considering getting a console again, but with most of the Xbox exclusives coming to PC, I don't think there is much point. I would have been leaning to the PS because of the hardware but I have to agree with Alan Orr the PS UI has always been terrible and clunky.

Pierce Hayes:

I'm a whole gen behind console wise but have a pretty decent laptop for most of my gaming needs ... I'm just gonna wait for the new releases and buy both from the last gen mostly because sadly at this moment all i want is Forza haha

Dave Deasy:

Will be waiting a while until that must have title but will be XBOX. With game pass & already owning a 1X makes sense. Will get a PS4 on black Friday for those exclusives I missed this generation.

Shane Bowe (CGC):

At the moment Microsoft is out in front for the sheer fact that they have spoken more about the features of their console in detail. Everything from Sony has just been "we have features we promise but we will tell you about them later".

Niall Dunne:

PS5 I feel will do well straight out of the gate but XBOX Series X will be a slow start. Both will end up successful but with Halo delayed and many Series X games available on XBOX 1 and PC I feel that will have a negative impact on Series X. Game pass and eventual exclusives will pump its sales in time however. PS5 on the other hand will gave a few big exclusives straight out the gate so will sell well I feel. PS5 for me. (but then I have a PC too so lol)

So the verdict is in and it seems as though the community are in Sony's camp, but not by as wide a margin as we might have thought. Its impressive how Microsoft have evolved over the past 8 years to become the innovator and I think now more than ever people are questioning their Sony loyalty. If only they had the exclusives! :)

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