CGCommunity Transmission: Underrated Games

What games do our community think were criminally underrated?

What makes an underrated game? Opinion in the gaming zeitgeist? Overall games sales? Or it it simply when a game does relatively well but doesn't quite do as blindly successful as you assumed? Really its all of the above.

For me it's Gitaroo Man. God damn do I love that weird ass rhythm game!

It had a fantastic game play mechanic in the multi directional input lane, with an amazingly weird art style and banging tunes.

I'm surprised more people don't talk about it today.

This month I put the question to the Casual Game Community as to what game they felt didn't get the shake it deserved, and I got some great answers!

Jack O'Mahony

Honestly? Blue Dragon.

With graphics done by Akira Toriyama and the music done by Nobuo Uematsu it was honestly a JRPG masterpiece in my opinion. It managed to get great scores in its reviews but I very rarely see people talking about it. There's so much more I could get into with the twists and everything story-wise but the spoilers are just damn big.

Gerard O'Toole

Lord of the rings : War in the North

Is a near masterpiece. Three characters an elf, a man and a dwarf are recruited to distract, disrupt and to split the evil enemies in Mordor so that the fellowship have a better chance to succeed.

The leveling up, looting, the various weapon options keep you and your buddies intrigued.

I love the game with all my heart. I know others had a glitch, (literally the only way to proceed is by responding to a NPC, but that NPC never asked the question, so they had no way to proceed or to go back. Heart break) this glitch in the game ruined their experience.

But not mine, and selfishly I love this game.

Michael O Callaghan

Mad Max!!! Great game mechanics, amazing graphics. Good story with great customization stuff like the cars and the character. Cheap as chips too. I think the Tomb Raider games are unreal too (except the most recent one which I think is poor) and they rarely get a look in in top 25 lists and they are cheap to buy.

Paul Mason

BioShock 2.

As wonderful as the original game is, this sequel edges it out for me in some ways. The atmosphere is tense and unsettling, and the sound design is fantastic, creating a nuanced sense of Rapture's disrepair.

The game-play doesn't reinvent the wheel because it doesn't have to. You can feel the weight and power of playing as a Big Daddy, in the form of Subject Delta—who is an incredibly sorrowful and sympathetic protagonist despite being silent. Different weapons, different powers, and the terrifying Big Sisters were enough to iterate on what came before.

The overall story has such an air of sadness to it. For me, I would have to be in a place of relative strong mental fortitude to play it. The villain is excellent The very definition of a shooter with heart.

Why is it underrated, despite general critical acclaim? Because it's not the first game and it didn't radically change the setting like Infinite. It will never be mentioned within the same breath as the other two (excellent) entries in the series.

Jessica Smith

It's gotta be Road Rash for Sega.

They did a great job of realistically switching up the control based on terrain. (ie sand was slippery as shit 😂)

Upgrades actually felt like they did something to your bike, you could use a baseball bat on your enemies, and the tunes....well, they were ICONIC. I'm still shocked when people haven't heard of this one since I spent much of my childhood on this game. ❤️ it!

Ristéard Ó Mactíre

On this, Prince of Persia: Warrior Within for me is one of the most underrated games.

Some of the best combat in the series, as well as compared with Assassin's creed for example. The Dark setting really helped, and also a really killer soundtrack made the game great. Too bad Ubisoft didn't use the same tone afterwards. Maybe one day. (Check out James's quick look here)

Well there you have it, a lot of games that do not get the love they truly deserve on the daily getting a chance to shine and be remembered, if only for a moment.

What games do you feel didn't get the respect it deserves? Let us know at the comments below or follow the original post over at our Casual Game Community Facebook age.

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