5 Studios That Could Revive Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

As rumors sweep across the internet about the potential in-development sequel/remake of one of the most beloved modern RPGs ever made, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, here are 5 studios that we think would be a perfect fit

With the recent reunification of Lucasfilm Games, a once-revered name in gaming, and Ubisoft’s Massive Entertainments Star Wars game announcement officially ending EA’s grip on the license, the doors of possibility are wide open. Coupled with the most recent speculation that KOTOR, the RPG made famous by the folks over at Bioware, have been confirmed to not be working on the title themselves, the internet is running wild with theories and r/starwarsspeculation.

Now that technically anyone has a shot at the title, here are five studios with the caliber and pedigree that could truly breathe new yet familiar life into KOTOR once more and catapult the series into the modern age.

5. Obsidian Entertainment

Famous for:

Fallout: New Vegas

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords

Pillars of Eternity

The Outer Worlds

Why it Works:

From that list alone, Obsidian is arguably the only logical choice to bring back KOTOR. Not only for their abundant familiarity with the title, having developed its equally much-beloved sequel, but also because of the pedigree of their portfolio.

Simply put Obsidian know their way around an RPG. Whether it is carving out their own unique world with the likes of Pillars of Eternity (and we all know Star Wars is nothing without a fantastic composer), but they have also proven time and again that they can handle other people’s IP with great passion and care.

To see these guys return to one of their greatest triumphs as a studio, that arguably helped put them on the map, would be nothing short of an absolute treat.

Why it Won’t Happen:

Unfortunately, in that same breath, they are also the least likely to be the secret bearers of KOTOR’s return. We know that they are busy working on bringing the world of Eora to life with Avowed - which is a tentpole exclusive title for Microsoft’s Xbox Series X/S consoles. But there’s also the other small matter of the rumored Outer Worlds 2. Maybe someday the star will align but right now, it might be best to temper expectations.

4. InXile Entertainment

Famous for:

Wasteland 1-3

The Bard’s Tale Series

Torment: Tides of Numenera

Why it Works:

InXile has been around for almost as long as KOTOR itself has existed as an entity. While perhaps not the most world-renowned studio on this list, they are by no means a slouch when it comes to excellently crafted titles.

Initially cutting their teeth on The Bard’s Tale series, InXile moved on to bring Wasteland back to life. The precursor to the venerable Fallout series helped solidify their name as premier RPG makers and paved the way for the critically acclaimed Torment: Tides of Numenera.

KOTOR ala InXile would likely be a far more “die-hard” take on the franchise should they be given creative license to do so. The party-based isometric stylings of their portfolio would make for a much slower-paced, methodical game compared to the likes of more modern action RPGs.

They have also proven more than capable of telling engrossing stories with richly detailed worlds and characters. Given the great characterizations to draw from already, like Darth Revan, HK-47, and Kreia to name but a few.

Why it Won’t Happen:

Like Obsidian before them, they are likely too busy to squeeze in such a large meal in between the two RPG’s already in development. While it hasn’t been confirmed what exactly these titles are, it’s reasonable to assume they started production before Lucasfilm Games was formed and a deal could be made they could allocate resources too.

3. Yellow Brick Games

Famous for:


Why it Works:


OK, so this one is definitely out of the left field. However, since this is pure speculation and nothing has been confirmed (as of this writing) let’s have a little fun here.

Yellow Brick Games is a brand new team, only formed at the end of the year that no one wants to talk about, 2020. This is a studio led by veterans of the industry from the likes of Ubisoft, Activision Blizzard, EA, and most importantly as it pertains to this list, Bioware.

CEO Mike Laidlaw, of Dragon Age/Jade Empire fame, started this company with a belief that “Emergent Systems Create Rich, Interactive Worlds”. The caliber of people behind this studio, unfettered by the shackles of publisher mandates could potentially rewrite the book on KOTOR.

With someone like Mike Laidlaw at the helm, a man who is no stranger to strong RPG mechanics and particularly the Bioware brand that solidified KOTOR’s name, we could be treated to a much more classic feeling title than would otherwise be expected from the choices in this list.

Why it Won’t Happen:

Another one to file under least likely. They are a brand new studio with no real portfolio to speak of except for the resumes of their staff. It is also likely that they are figuring out the nuts and bolts of the company before ramping up for production, it could be years before we hear anything from the studio and if the rumor holds, this KOTOR remake/sequel is already in development in some capacity.

2. Larian Studios

Famous for:

Divinity: Original Sin Series

Baldur’s Gate 3

Why it Works:

This is another studio that is killing it lately when it comes to output. A relative newcomer to gamers zeitgeist, Larian Studios have managed to, arguably, repopularize the CRPG genre almost single-handed.

The work they have put into both modernizing the tried and true methods of CRPG stalwarts like the original Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, and staying true to their vision as a studio is truly impressive. Coupled with the recent success of launching Baldur's Gate 3 in Early-Access, arguably a ballsy move in itself is a testament to the quality the team can produce. Should KOTOR fall into their hands you could expect another uniquely styled RPG that could easily redefine how force abilities are implemented in subtle ways. Much like shoving your best friend to death in BG 3 feels unnecessary but also game-changing on a mechanical level.

Their ability to craft dynamic combat encounters that can be tackled in countless ways, and use of environmental objects to allow for tactical thinking, all at the roll of a dice? If they were to also throw in the ability of re-rolling on your party members’ abilities to completely change up your playstyle would be an absolute treat for the soul.

Hell, if they even just developed an in-game version of Dejarik ala GWENT the world would be a better place for it.

Why it Won’t Happen:

Baldur’s Gate 3. As stated, it is still in Early-Access and therefore active development. Larian has also proven to be quite committed to their titles and Baldur’s Gate will be no different. Coupled with the also in-production Divinity: Fallen Heroes it would be difficult for even Larian to dedicate the time to a monolith task like reinvigorating KOTOR could be.

1. Aspyr Media

Famous for:

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic I and II

Star Wars: Jedi Knight - Jedi Outcast II

Star Wars: Jedi Knight - Jedi Academy

Why it Works:

OK, so the above ‘Famous for’ section might be a bit of a misnomer. Aspyr Media is a renowned porting studio, just like Bluepoint Games of Shadow of the Colossus and Demon’s Souls remake fame. While this means that they haven’t strictly made their own video game per se, they are a studio that should be intimately familiar with the Star Wars brand having ported those games to modern consoles in recent years.

Taking into account the new info surrounding the rumor that they are the studio in question and the dots start to connect. Especially if the rumor really is a remake and not a sequel. Through their efforts in repurposing the older games for modern hardware, could allow the team to reverse engineer what made KOTOR the iconic RPG it is today.

In that case, a remake more akin to the recent Crash Bandicoot Trilogy is most likely. Where that team took the original titles and remade them from the ground up with the original Naughty Dog code as the foundation Vicarious Visions built off of. This would allow them to focus on creating a more aesthetically pleasing and modern-looking game while also keeping the very mechanics that are still used today in Bioware Austin’s MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Why it Won’t Happen:

When stacked up against the other developers in this list, Aspyr makes little sense. As a studio that is more familiar with handling other people’s IP, it could be seen as a massive risk that Disney is usually averse to taking.

So there it is 5 studios that could handle Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and 5 reasons why it isn’t likely to happen. Usually, when it comes to a rumor as persistent as this one, which has also been more or less confirmed by well-known journalist Jason Schreier, where there's smoke, there’s fire.

Regardless of what happens, it is exciting to see the potential that any one of these talented studios could lend to Star Wars. With Lucasfilm Games heading the brand, there is no end to the possibilities, and when/if there is a KOTOR-related announcement, will be a fine day indeed.

First image taken from the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic press kit here

Second image is taken from the official website here

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